What sets Replica apart?


Replica is enabling the next generation of creators to craft performances with rich, characterful and naturally expressive AI voices.

Our users tell us they love our rich variety of natural-sounding and expressive, AI voices.

We're building a premium product. The professional voice actors we work with, produce realistic sounding Replica voices that can perform as creative talent in your projects. Replica voices actors aren't boring and generic "Male / Female British / USA accent" voices like what's offered by cheaper TTS platforms.

At best, AI voice is a less talented "stand in" for the real talent.

AI is complex technology. At times is can be more like art than science. It also takes time to run lots of experiments. All Voice AI companies agree, our voices sound pretty good, but nowhere as good as a real human performer 😎

Even the state of the art of Voice AI cannot fool a trained human listener from discerning a synthesized voice. However, Technology is improving daily.

We're excited by AI's potential for creators. Whether it’s a pair of teenagers in a basement working on an indie game, or massive studios working on a major blockbuster movie.

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Replica Studios is a venture-backed, deep learning company. We spun out of Techstars Music in Los Angeles, and Mawson Ventures in Brisbane, Australia.

We're thrilled to be working with great partners in Silicon Valley and Sydney who share our thesis about the space we operate in, and help us pioneer new waters.

Got more questions? Message us in the app or email us at contact@replicastudios.com