What is Replica Studios?

What is Replica and how does it work?

Replica is creating a platform for game developers, animators, or filmmakers to generate realistic sounding text-to-speech. It's enabled by a combination of a voice actor's talent and a powerful voice generation AI. The AI learns how to act by listening to the voice actor's style, pacing, the emotion.

Check out our latest demo : The Quest

Featuring the AI voices Freya, and Deckard.

We're building a marketplace of the best AI voice actors. They'll be available to use with your Replica account across all our products. Replica gives voice artists the ability to scale their talent—either their natural voice or unique voice characters and access new revenue opportunities.


Digital Rights: We take security seriously. So we've developed DRM solutions to protect your voice from being used as a deep fake by unsavoury characters. The Replica voiceprint technology provides an extra layer of security.

Replica Unreal Engine Plugin

We built an integration that puts Replica AI voices inside Unreal Engine.

For more info, visit www.replicastudios.com/unreal

  • Most expressive and diverse AI voice library: Choose from a rich, growing library of 30+ AI voices, with unique and characterful styles that convey mood and emotion. Fine tune the performance by adding effects, controlling pacing and pitch.
  • Capture multiple Takes: Bridge the gap between prototyping and the need for voice actors. Go from a script to high quality dialogue in seconds and test out your ideas faster.
  • Download to Content Browser: Once you're satisfied with a Take, download it directly into your Unreal Content Browser, and from there you can use it however you like in your UE project.

Replica Studios

Our web app makes it easy to quickly listen to your script ideas and direct your AI voice actors using a modern web browser.

Get started by creating your first project here - https://replicastudios.com/project/new

  • Script creation: Replica provides a script writing tool to produce takes in just a few seconds. Select a voice character, type what your character is to say, and press play to hear it back.
  • Prototyping: Bridge the gap between prototyping and the need for voice actors. We've developed tools for rapid prototyping voice lines and correcting minor voice over errors—helping you produce content faster.
  • Audio export: Export your script's generated audio into the format your project needs. Replica supports multiple audio formats so it's ready to use. Download one audio file or multiple files per speaker.

Replica API

Bringing your idea to life with our dynamic speech generation API. The Replica API is built for scale and integrates directly inside your project. Get started with the API here - https://replicastudios.com/integrations

  • Dynamic speech: Bring your project to life with dynamically generated speech. We no longer need to live with the restraints of traditional pre-recorded voice acting. We're creating a world where dialog can be created on the the fly.
  • Product integrations: We're working closely with several products to create SDK's and integrations to bring our natural-sounding text-to-speech inside your favourite tools. Contact us if you'd like to learn about integrating your product.
  • Built for scale: Replica was made for creators. We have built our APIs to be simple to use, powerful in production, and endlessly scalable. We are working with selected trusted partners before we release an Alpha to ensure security.

More Integrations

We're building integrations with other products, like Unity. Keep an eye out for future announcements.

Got more questions? Message us in the app or email us at contact@replicastudios.com