UE Plugin Install & Setup

Installing the plugin

The plugin is FREE to download and you'll receive 30 minutes of credit.

You can download the plugin from Unreal Engine's marketplace by visiting this link:

The plugin should be a standard install with UE4 on Windows and Mac. You'll know it's working when you see the 'R' icon show up in your toolbar.


You might need to manually enable the plugin by going Edit>Plugins>Search for Replica and hit 'enable'.


Before you can use Replica, you need to create an account on www.replicastudios.com - this is our main website where you can manage your account, make credit purchases, and more.


You'll need to confirm your email to complete your account setup - once that's done, you can log into the UE plugin and start using our AI voices.


Want help on How to Use the plugin?

Troubleshooting the install

  1. Create a New Game project.

2. Choose a Blank template to make life easier.


3. Make sure you Choose 'C++'.


4. UE Editor will open. At the same time, XCode (for Mac users) or VSCode (for Windows users) should have opened.

5. Go : Edit>Plugins>Search for Replica and hit 'enable'.


6. Save and Close Unreal, but keep XCode / VS Code open.

Run a build on XCode / VSCode.

This should open the UE Editor.

Try running Replica UE plugin again.

If you've done all this and still can't get it to work - email contact@replicastudios.com