Omniverse Integration Setup


Welcome to Replica Studios. This guide will show you how to integrate the Replica Studios desktop app and NVIDIA Omniverse using the Replica Link Extension plugin. If you get stuck or have questions please email us at contact@replicastudios.com or join us on our Discord server.

Quick start guide

Download and install the software: Replica Link Extension

Setting up the plugin

Step 1

Download the Replica Link Extension

Step 2

Unpack the downloaded zip file to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Kit\shared\exts\

Note that this path won't exist until you've launched one of Omniverse's various development applications such as Audio2Face or Machinima.

Step 3

Open the Omniverse development application you wish to use and open the Extensions window from the Window menu


Step 4

Search for Replica link in the extensions list and enable it


Step 5

Open the Replica Studios desktop application and it will automatically connect to Omniverse. It will display a connected icon in the bottom left corner which when hovered over lists the connections it has active.


Step 6

Make sure there is a directory created on your nucleus server inside its project list to export the audio to.

Step 7

Export a line from a Replica project into Omniverse using the menu at the left edge of each line.


Step 8

An import dialogue will appear in your Omniverse application asking for a nucleus server address to connect to. After connecting it will list the projects on that server where you can import the audio. Once you've selected the desired project hit Export to Selected Project to save the audio.

Audio2Face cannot currently use a nucleus server as a source of audio directly. When using Audio2Face, please use Omniverse Drive to map the nucleus server to a local drive (normally O drive) and use your audio from that drive.

Have more questions?

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