What is Replica?

What is Replica and how does it work?

Replica has created a tool for game developers, animators, or advertisers to generate realistic sounding text-to-speech. It's enabled by a combination of a voice actor's talent and a powerful voice generation AI. The AI learns how to act by listening to the voice actor's style, pacing, the emotion.

We're creating the next generation of AI-generated voices. Our tools can accelerate your content creation and experimentation with realistic text-to-speech.

Replica has three product offerings:

Replica Voice

A Replica Voice is an AI generated clone of your voice. Replica's AI takes about an hour of your voice to produce a high quality copy. This can then be used via our text-to-speech to turn scripts into realistic synthetic voices.

  • Create voices: Replica turns your voice into natural sounding text-to-speech—when you have something to say and a fake robotic voice won’t cut it. We've created a process to clone a voice and give your project a personal touch.
  • Digital Rights: We take security seriously. So we've developed DRM solutions to protect your voice from being used as a deep fake by unsavoury characters. The Replica voice print technology provides an extra layer of security.
  • Marketplace: Replica gives voice artists the ability to scale their voice—either their natural voice or unique voice characters. Creative studios can pay to use in their projects. Find the perfect voice in a marketplace of Replica Voices from around the world.

Replica Studio

Accelerate your content creation and experimentation with Replica’s realistic text-to-speech.

  • Script creation: Start from scratch or import existing scripts. Replica provides a script writing tool to capture takes in just a few seconds. Select a voice character, type what your character is to say, and export into your project
  • Prototyping: Bridge the gap between prototyping and the need for voice actors. We've developed tools for rapid prototyping voice lines and correcting minor voice over errors—helping you produce content faster.
  • Audio export: Export your script's generated audio into the format your project needs. Replica supports multiple audio formats so it's ready to use. Download one audio file or multiple files per speaker.
  • Direct emotions: Voice overs with human-like inflections and tones that represent a range of realistic emotions. Replica provides the controls to direct your AI voice actor just like you would a human.
  • Speech controls: Control the pacing and intensity to sculpt the perfect vocal sample. You now have the ability to rapidly experiment with the style of the voice performance. It’s like Photoshop for your voice.
  • Collaboration: Collaborative script writing and prototyping tools to help your team work together on a project. Share your project with clients to receive approval or show your latest work with your team.

Replica API

Bringing your idea to life with our dynamic speech generation API. The Replica API is built for scale and integrates directly inside your project.

  • Dynamic speech: Bring your project to life with dynamically generated speech. We no longer need to live with the restraints of traditional pre-recorded voice acting. We're creating a world where dialog can be created on the the fly.
  • Product integrations: We're working closely with several products to create SDK's and integrations to bring our natural-sounding text-to-speech inside your favourite tools. Contact us if you'd like to learn about integrating your product.
  • Built for scale: Replica was made for creators. We have built our APIs to be simple to use, powerful in production, and endlessly scalable. We are working with selected trusted partners before we release an Alpha to ensure security.

Got more questions? Message us in the app or email us at contact@replicastudios.com