Subscriptions FAQ

What are credits?

Credits are deducted when interacting with the Replica Studios service. Credits are currently used when generating text with the platform.

  • 1 second of Classic text to speech = 1 credit
  • 1 second of Vox-1 text to speech = 2 credits

As the platform feature sets expands, credits may be consumed in other ways.

Why do we measure credit in units of time?

We believe in ethical AI and are pioneering a revenue share model with voice talent, and growing a marketplace of AI Replica voice actors.

We work with a growing pool of talented voice actors, who create AI character voices and license them on Replica's platform. As a user of the AI voice, you are licensing that voice based on the amount of speech it generates. Once the file is produced, you can use it commercially, royalty free.

Are credits deducted if I don’t download?

Yes, any generation of text to speech, whether the user chooses to download or not. This includes any adjustment to existing lines like changing style, fixing a typo or adjusting the speaking rate. Replays of existing generations do not deduct credits.

How many credits come with my plan?

The number of credits included in your plan depends on the subscription level you choose. Our plans offer different credit allocations to suit various usage needs.

Can I get more credits?

If you are on the Starter plan, you do not have the option to purchase additional credits. If you you run out of credits, you will need to upgrade to one of our larger plans, or wait until your balance resets.

All other plans allow you to purchase additional credits.

You can add more credits to your account via a top-up feature within "Plans and Usage" found in your account settings.

Do credits expire?

Unused credits received as part of your subscription or top-ups, will rollover into the new billing period, while the same subscription tier is maintained, or a subscription is upgraded to a higher plan.

When a subscription’s plan is downgraded, unused credits including purchased top-up credits, will not rollover, and will be expired at the end of the billing period.

Should your subscription be cancelled, or be unpaid, credits will expire.

Where can I see my credit?

You can view your available credit in the top right of the Desktop application.

What payment plans does Replica offer?

Read more about our pricing plans here -

How can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

You can upgrade your plan from Desktop application by navigating to the “Plans and Usage” page in your account settings.

What happens when I upgrade my plan?

Upon confirmation of upgrade, your account will be upgraded to receive the new entitlements and the new pricing will be applied immediately. You will receive your new credits in addition to your existing credit balance.

What happens when I downgrade my plan?

Upon confirmation of downgrade, at the end of the current subscription period your account will be downgraded and the new pricing applied. For the remainder of the current subscription period, you will retain the entitlements of your current plan, and continue to have access to your credits. However, when the new subscription period commences, your existing credit balance will be reset, and you will receive the credit allotment of your new plan..

Why do downgrades happen at the end of the subscription period?

We want to ensure you have time to exhaust remaining credit, before it is reset as part of the downgrade process.

Can I cancel my subscription

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Upon cancellation, your access to the service will continue until the end of the current billing period.

Any unused credits at the end of your current billing period will be lost, and access to the service will be removed.

Do you offer Enterprise plans?

Our enterprise customers can expect additional feature offerings such as

  • SSO support
  • Uncapped API Access
  • Private + Custom Voices
  • Private Dedicated instances

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