What is a Replica Voice?

A Replica Voice is an AI-generated clone of your voice. Replica's AI takes about an hour of your voice to produce a high-quality copy.

Your Replica Voice can then be used via our Text-to-Speech interface (Replica Studio) or API to turn text into realistic performances.



Create voices

Replica turns your voice into natural sounding Text-to-Speech—when you have something to say and a fake robotic voice won’t cut it. We've created a process to clone a voice and give your project a personal touch.

Digital Rights Management

We take security seriously. So we've developed a Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions to protect your voice from being used as a deep fake by unsavoury characters. Replica's Voiceprint technology provides an extra layer of security.

Marketplace (COMING SOON)

Replica gives voice artists the ability to scale their voice—either their natural voice or unique voice characters. Creative studios can pay to use in their projects. Find the perfect voice in a marketplace of Replica Voices from around the world.

Got more questions? Message us in the app or email us at contact@replicastudios.com