Projects + Scenes User Guide
Projects + Scenes User Guide

Projects + Scenes User Guide


Message from our CEO

At Replica Studios, our mission is to empower game developers and filmmakers around the world, to tell bigger, better, and more immersive stories with the help of Replica Studios’s world-class AI voices. In 2019 we launched AI Voice Actors, an easy-to-use web app to quickly prototype voiceovers for creative projects. Our web app gained interest from the game and film-making communities around the world. Then, in 2020 and early 2021 we launched a desktop app with plugins to Unreal Engine, Unity, Roblox, and iClone, so creators could export Replica’s AI voices into the world’s most popular game engines and animation software and test dialogue lines in situ. That was a game-changer for us, literally! 1000's hours of dialogue have been produced and 100's of games and short films have been made with Replica's AI voices. We are super excited to announce our biggest update ever. With the release of Projects + Scenes, Replica Studios has grown into a fully-featured digital voice studio, powerful enough for studios of any size to create and manage voices in their projects. Creators can now craft entire stories and narratives, and export entire scenes with 100s of lines of AI voice-enabled dialogue into game engines, animation software, and other creative tools with a few clicks of a button. Highlights from this release include: - Create unlimited projects and craft your scenes - Develop your own characters and give them a voice - Export directly into Unreal Engine, Unity, iClone, + More - Select from a growing library of 40+ AI voice actors But we're not stopping here! Next up we are building: - 100's of realistic AI voice actors across multiple languages - Better tools to direct the performance of AI voice actors - More integrations with game & animation engines and creator platforms - Team accounts and collaboration - CSV imports and bulk speech export - Subscription plans with unlimited speech generation We're excited to work closely with the community. Each week we receive hundreds of emails from the community with ideas and suggestions for improvements. We'd love for you to join us to build the next generation of tools for game developers and film producers. Shreyas, CEO | Replica Studios

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Welcome. This guide will help you get started using the new Projects + Scenes features. If you get stuck or have questions please email us at or join us on our Discord server.

Download and install the software:


A project is a collection of scenes and characters. While the Sandbox is a temporary workspace, a project is used for the permanent organisation of your scenes and characters.

Create a project

Select + New Project to create a new project.


Your projects will be listed here.


After you create a project, you can add your characters or create your first scene. If you're just starting, we recommend creating a scene first. For more information about scenes, please reference the Scenes section.


Here is a video demo of creating a new project.

Manage projects

Edit a project

Select the menu in the top right and select Edit project

Delete a project

Select the menu in the top right and select Delete project



Each project can have many scenes. Scenes can be used to organise a large project. Scenes use the characters you have created in your selected project.

Working with scenes

To create a new scene, select New Scene and enter the name and optional description. There is a 40 character limit on the scene name.

An empty scene looks like this.


Select Create a character to create your first character. Learn more about Characters.

Once you have created and cast your character, you can start to generate speech. The following demonstrates the process:

To rearrange a line, select and drag using the left menu.

You can generate many scenes at once by selecting the play button on the playback bar.

Directing the performance

Sometimes the first version doesn't generate exactly what you want. This is where the Direct button can help. Select Direct to bring up the director view.

The director view will save each take, so you can experiment with different versions of your line.


Some things to note when using the director view:

  • When you delete the line in the script view, the takes will also be deleted.
  • Use the Select button on a take to use the take in your scene. The active take will be indicated with a Selected label.

The following demonstrates how to use the Director view:

Export audio

Once you have generate some audio, the next step is to export. You may export all the lines by selecting the export button on the top right navigation bar. If you have Link plugins installed they will show up here (Unity, Unreal Engine, etc).



Characters enable you to add your own characters into your project. Before your character can generate speech, you will need to cast an AI voice actor to voice your character.

Characters belong to a project, so if you create a new project, you will need to setup a new character.

Create character

Select + New Character and add a name and optional description.


Select Cast Now and cast which AI voice actor would best fit your character. We have a library of 40+ AI voice actors with hundreds more in development.


Manage Characters

Select View all to view all the characters you have created in a project.


Select one of your characters to cast, manage details, or delete.


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